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In 2006 during the annual Haj Pilgrimage we urgently wanted to recruit across the board 200 ground staff on a short-term contract.
The big problem was paucity of time, after much discussion at our end we narrowed down on skyways Bureau.
On highsight , itwas a very good decision. Skyways not only got us the requisite manpower. they did it in arecord time of just 5 days. with skyways 'nothing is imposible'. Our special thanks for their mammoth contribution and best wishes for their future

Mr. Sohail Al-Hamad
Manager Operations
Saudi Arabian Airlines (Riyadh)


We are Al-Emeis Medical Group in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have one hospital and four polyclinics and pharmacies
We deal With Skyways since long time and we find them very satisfied, they extend good cooperation to us in finding to us in finding right people.
We find the people those come from Skyways are good people and 90% or more then that succeed With us
I appreciate one thing about Skyways that they be in touch with the people when they are working on our site. And in case of any problem they talk to people or us to solve the problem. It helps us to have a smooth relationship with our staff.

I wish my best wishes to Skyways Thank you 

Ahmed Mohammed Al-motmi
Director-Jazan Polyclinic 
Al-Emis Medical Group


I want to say about Skyways, it’s a very good and reputed agency in Mumbai. Earlier also they sent me in a very good company, I enjoyed my working their for 4 years and completed my contract successfully.
I am sure this time also they will sent me in a good company. I also want to say about the staff of skyways, the behavior of the staff is very good.

Thank you Skayways !!!

Shabir Ahmed Beg

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